New era, new technology!

Science and technology are advancing rapidly, and our society is evolving so. With this progress, things are changing the of access to information and way of learning. The world has been shifting from traditional teaching methods to a new way of using advanced technologies in education. In Mongolia, we have introduced e-learning materials to the educational sector using the world’s advanced technology – AR. By doing so, it becomes possible to use smartphones and tablets to learn the basics of human anatomy, plant structure, fauna, geography, and physics in a more interesting way, as if you were analyzing them in a professional laboratory.
Contact us if you would like to use AR technology in your training and teaching. 

New technology, your business

Human brain generates about 70,000 thoughts every day. However human attention can be focused only for 8 seconds on a certain instance. It requires business people huge amount of effort to have customers’ attention to introduce new products and services in such a short period of time given. Here is what we are introducing for marketing that can help you to build real relations with your target customers with this technology and to lead to direct purchases. This is AR marketing which will lead you to a new level of marketing. We are introducing AR Mongolia platform which is an outstanding result of many years of research and development we did.


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